Friday, June 25, 2010

Just Darling

This post is dedicated to the newest addition of my family - my niece McKenzie. Welcome to the world!

Yarah Designs recently discovered Sandra Darling. And that she is … simply darling. Her images are fabulous and all tell a story. There is a great amount of symbolism in all her pieces. You can purchase most of her work through

This specific image explores layers of the feminine through social and historical reference. Through a woman’s internal turmoil of adapting to social expectations while remaining true to herself. Symbolism in this particular image is reflected in the rose, wrought iron, flower bouquet, pleated fan, corset, teacup, bird and spring blossom.

- Rose: The rose has always been valued for its beauty and is a symbol of love. Through its many layers of blooming and delicate petals, the rose, like womanhood goes through many stages of transformation.

- Wrought Iron/flower bouquet/pleated fan: Structure and embellishments. The flowers, wild and feminine yet contained within the confines of the structured bouquet. The strength and support of the wrought iron table designed complete with nature’s embellishments; the pleats from a skirt accentuating all that is considered attractive and feminine.

- Corset: The corset is heavily embellished to accentuate a woman’s figure perfect hourglass.

- Teacup/Birds/Spring Blossom: The china symbolizes social fineries and pleasantries; spring blossoms and birds represent the ‘spring” of a woman’s grace or stage in life. The spring blossoms and birds also represent birth/rebirth – distinctly female traits and the tea cup representing the nurturing/containing qualities that are also innately feminine.

You can read more about Sandra Darling and view her work on her

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