Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Magical Room & Quick Design Tips

Who ever thought an all white room could be this magical?

This is such an inspiring rooms for Yarah Designs. Such beautiful lighting, hues and variations of whites and light colors are simply beautiful. This room could be a bedroom for a child or an adult. So peaceful and magical.

Here are some general quick and easy design tips:

• Every chair needs a place to set a drink.
• If you can’t afford good art, buy a great mirror.
• Never buy an antique unless you can use it.
• Go with white slipcovered sofas… they are the easiest to maintain because they don’t fade and can be laundered and bleached.
• Never underestimate good accessories…they are like a great pair of shoes!
• Skirts on upholstered furniture make a room less nervous.
• Even a period room needs a mod piece to shake it up.
• Buy good quality and buy once.
• Educate yourself.

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