Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Party Themes + Inspiration Boards

So many people have asked me “Should I have a theme for my event?" The answer is yes!

Every event, from a small quaint dinner party to a large scale wedding needs a theme. Why? Because it makes your life easier and it gives the party life. Themes can range for something personal to the hostess/host to specific color schemes the hostess/host may like. Themes can be centered on the events purpose (ie. specific holiday) or specific décor the hostess/host prefers. Themes are endless and should be fun. You can even ask the invited guests to participate.

Yarah Designs once threw an all White Party and guests were asked to wear white. Themes not only get people involved but breathe life into the party without much effort. It also keeps the hostess/host focused on the theme at hand when choosing the food, drink, décor, colors, music and event details.

To get started, do an inspiration board. What inspires you and what is this event for? Put your inspiration board together and the creative juices will start flowing.

Enjoy the Party!

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