Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Santa Sack Tradition

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Does your family use Santa Sacks?  This tradition is a great way to use reusable drawstring gift sacks that will be cherished by your children each year when getting them out in preparation for Santa's visit!

These sacks are great because they are not only Eco friendly but you will not stay up late Christmas Eve wrapping presents.  Simply place unwrapped gifts in the Sack and place under the tree on Christmas Eve.  Each child can have their own individual sack.

To rollout this tradition, simply place a package on your doorstep from Santa's elves that included the sack and a note inside explaning that the sacks are from Santa and that each child is to leave them under the tree (or at the foot of their bed) on Christmas Eve.  When Santa visits on Christmas Eve, he will deliver their toys into their own Santa Sack.  This will also encourage us to reduce gift wrap waste.

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