Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cupcake Liner Flower Tree

These cupcake liner trees would make wonderful accents for recption or buffet tables at any event and different colors and patters could be used to achieve different looks.   The key is to use mini cupcake liners and The Bakers Confections is the place to purchase them.

Yarah Designs found this amazing tutorial on Papercrave on how to make these beauties. 

Supplies needed:
  • a styrofoam tree form (I used a 9” tall form)
  • mini cupcake liners (1 1/4” to 1 3/8” size)
  • straight pins, preferably with a ball head
  • a hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • accessories for decorating (ribbon, decorative picks, etc.)


1. Separate cupcake liners into groups of five. Flatten the liners, and poke a straight pin through the center of each group.

2. Gently “scrunch” the top cupcake liner around the pin head, taking care not to rip the paper.

3. Repeat the scrunching action for the remaining liners. When you’re finished, you’ll have a flower.

4. Using your thumb and forefinger, grab the flower at the bottom and press the liners together and away from the length of the pin. Add a bit of hot glue to the pin, and immediately insert into the styrofoam tree form.

5. Fold two or three layers of the liners over the pin head, taking care not to burn yourself on any hot glue that may have found its way toward the pin head, and press the pin head in until it’s flush with the tree form. Hold in place for five to ten seconds, until the glue starts to cool and the pin is firmly attached. Fluff and adjust the flower “petals”, if needed. Continue adding cupcake liner flowers, starting at the bottom of the form and working your way around and up, until the entire form is covered.
6.  Add embellishments and decorations to the tree to coordinate with your occasion, if desired.

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