Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back To School Bash

How clever is this party theme to get all the kiddos excited for the new school year!?  Yarah Designs found this idea on Brilliant Bash

This event could be approached in two ways:
1) Host the party before shcool actually starts and invite all of your child’s neighbourhood friends

2) Host the party sometime during the first three weeks of school and invite your child’s class.

The pre-September option could be a fun way to say goodbye to summer and to allow your child one last chance to have all of the neighbourhood gang together before the weather turns cold. Alternatively, the second option is a nice way to help your child get acquainted with his or her classmates, and also gives you the opportunity to meet some of the parents.

Tom Kat Studio has just created a new line of back to school printables that will dress up a party like this.

Here is a great idea for dessert from Pen & Paper Flowers!  Ice Cream Apples!  So cute & delicious

Simple food works well for a back to school party theme. Sandwiches, fruit, juice boxes, and some special treats for dessert would be fitting and welcome. You could even have your child decorate plain brown lunch bags for each guest, and place the party meal inside the lunch bags.

And here are some Game ideas!

Pencil Box Game

Fill a pencil box with school items – scissors, pencils, crayons, etc. Show the children the filled box. Leave the room and remove one item. When you return have the children guess what is missing. Replace the missing item and play again. They can take turns removing the items for the game as well.

Show and Tell
Invite your guests to bring pictures (photos or magazine cut-outs) of their favorite summertime activities, a recent family vacation, etc. Set aside time for “Show and Tell,” so everyone can learn what each guest did over the summer.

Certificates of Summer
Before the party, create your own certificates or buy blank awards at a local craft store. Make sure they have a space to write what the award is for, as well as an area to write the child’s name. After everyone has had a chance to share their stories of summer, hold an anonymous vote for special awards. Some ideas: who had the most fun, traveled the farthest, grew the most, got the best hair cut, changed the most (and least), had the funniest experience, etc. Collect the votes, fill out the certificates, and have an awards ceremony.

Enjoy the party!

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