Thursday, July 1, 2010

Top 10 for your Big Day

It is difficult for Yarah Designs to prioritize what is important on your big day but from a personal standpoint, here are out top ten things to remember:

1. Eat: So many brides forget to do this with this all the nerves and running around. Make certain someone's looking out for your sustenance.

2. Smile: With all the planning you have done up to this day, it is officially behind you. Do not worry what did not get done. Simply relax and enjoy this day that is yours. Pinch yourself occasionally to remind yourself to look around and take it all in ~ with a smile.

3. The Marriage License: Don't forget this! This makes your marriage legal. Check with your state departments to see about specific requirements.

4. Don't Experiment: Do not deviate from your normal routine. Do not try a new scent, tanning spray, makeup or try a hot yoga class that you have never before experienced. There are many others days out of the year to experiment ~ Not this one.

5. Love Something: So much was put into this day. Pick on element that you promise to pay attention to.

6. Video at least the ceremony: Even if you've opted against hiring a videographer, make sure someone in the audience is filming raw footage throughout your ceremony. This is something you will love to look back on and watch as years pass.

7. Brand it to be your own: A wedding should be a direct reflection of the couple. Make sure the choices are yours and your wedding reflects the life you are starting together.

8. Incorporating Generations + Traditions: Take time to acknowledge the importance of those that married before you. Including pictures of parents, family members or those close to you on their wedding day will make it extra special.

9. Breathe: Make sure to do this often

10. Enjoy: Let go and don't worry about if your guests are having fun or if your makeup needs to be touched up. Enjoy your special day because it is just that ~ Your special day and it is only a day.

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